About Kanga Exchange

Kanga Exchange is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Central Europe with more than 250 stationary exchange offices. Kanga Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that also offers the purchase of stablecoin OmegaPLN for zlotys.

Kanga Exchange, launched on 13.09.2018, is a platform dedicated to all ICO market participants, i.e. investors, creators, brokers, etc. The heart of the project is a cryptocurrency and token exchange. The goal of the founders is to create a site that allows not only trading of crypto assets and provides tools for token creation, but also transaction processing mechanisms for ICO project clients (payment means other than ICO token, e.g. BTC, USD, EUR, etc.) and many other functions). Kanga is a crypto-to-crypto exchange (registered in Seychelles) with fiat gateways (Polish company) via stablecoins (FSC approval) and integration with Mosaico for STO tokenization.

Stablecoins on Kanga Exchange

Kanga Exchange does not store fiat currencies. Fiat money on the Kanga Exchange is handled with stablecoins, which are tokens with a rate close to 1:1 to the corresponding currency. An example of a commonly used stablecoin in Kanga is PLN° (called Omega zloty).

By depositing Polish zlotys on a Kanga exchange, users essentially buy OmegaPLN, and by choosing to cash them out, they sell them in exchange for Polish zlotys.

In addition to the OmegaPLN mentioned above, other stablecoins used on the Kanga Exchange are EUR° (omega euro) and USD° (omega dollar).

Cryptiony's partnership with Kanga Exchange

Kanga Exchange users who register from the link https://cryptiony.com?ref=kanga will receive a 20% discount on the purchase of their first user plan.

Cryptiony offers integration via API with Kanga Exchange, so users can keep track of their tax obligations.

20% discount for Kanga Exchange users

To take advantage of the discount, create an account by accessing from the link https://cryptiony.com?ref=kanga. The discount will be automatically calculated.