How to file your Zonda taxes with Cryptiony

Zonda is a regulated crypto exchange popular in Central and Eastern Europe. Formerly known as BitBay, the exchange has been in operation since 2014. This guide will show you how to do Zonda taxes using Cryptiony.

What is Zonda?

Zonda is a centralised exchange with over one million users. The platform allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and exchange them for fiat. Moreover, the platform enables fiat-to-fiat trades too. With this in mind, there is much to get right regarding reporting taxes for exchanging crypto and fiat and moving them on and off-chain. So we created the Cryptiony platform to make crypto taxes easy.

How do I calculate taxes for Zonda transactions?

There are three main ways to calculate Zonda crypto taxes:
  • Do it yourself (not recommended as crypto tax calculation is complex).
  • Hire an accountant (expensive, and they are not usually up to date with crypto tax rules).
  • Use an automated crypto tax, like Cryptiony (Low cost, fast and reliable).
Check out our UK crypto tax guide if you want to know more about how crypto tax works. Whether you choose to do it yourself, hire an accountant or use our tax software, you first need to export your transactions from the Zonda platform. The following section will explain how to import your transactions into the Cryptiony app with an API.

How to import Zonda transactions to Cryptiony using an API

Importing your Zonda transactions to Cryptiony via an API is the easiest and fastest way to calculate your crypto taxes. To start, you need to generate your API keys.

Generate your Zonda API keys

Step 1

Log in to Zonda.

Step 2

From the Zonda dashboard, click the menu icon, then API settings.

Step 3

Select generate new key and allow creating new API.

Step 4

Allow permission to: Get a list of wallets, history, get orders and market configurations.

Step 5

Select create, complete 2FA, and then save your API key and API secret for the Cryptiony integration.

Import your transactions

Step 1

Sign up for Cryptiony.

Step 2

From the Cryptiony dashboard, click transactions, then add transactions.

Step 3

Select Zonda, then integrate with the exchange API.

Step 4

Input your Zonda API keys into Cryptiony and click integrate.

How to import Zonda transactions to Cryptiony as a CSV file

There are instances when the API method is unsuitable for importing your transactions. In these cases, you can export a CSV file from Zonda and import it to Cryptiony.

How to download Zonda transactions

Step 1

Log into your Zonda account.

Step 2

Click history, then under the operations tab, select downloads, then File .CSV.

Step 3

Enter your date range and click ok.

Step 4

Download the CSV from your email inbox.

Step 5

Upload the CSV to Cryptiony.

How to upload Zonda transactions to Cryptiony

Step 1

Log in to Cryptiony.

Step 2

From the dashboard, select transactions, then add transactions.

Step 3

Click integrate the exchange on the top right of the screen.

Step 4

Select Zonda, then import the transaction file.

Step 5

Select your Cryptiony transactions CSV files and hit import.

Important things to know about importing Zonda transactions

Zonda only allows CSV exports of date ranges up to three months. So you should repeat the Zonda transaction export method as often as necessary for every three-month period.


Do I pay taxes on my Zonda crypto?

Any income earned on the Zonda platform is subject to either Capital Gains or Income tax. So you must correctly report all your transactions to the relevant tax authority. You can do this by importing your transactions to Cryptiony and generating a tax report.

How do I do my Zonda taxes?

The easiest way to do Zonda taxes is using the Cryptiony automated tax software. Cryptiony integrates with Zonda via API, so everything is done for you.

Does Zonda report to HMRC?

Zonda is a fully regulated exchange, so they likely report to HMRC. Or, at least, they will hand over your transaction data if requested to.

What happens if I do my Zonda taxes wrong?

If you file your Zonda taxes to HMRC and believe you made a mistake, you must download a new tax return and re-submit it with each page labelled “amended”. There is more information available on this subject on the HMRC website. The best way to ensure you file your taxes correctly the first time in the future is by using Cryptiony.

Does Binance report tax to authorities?

Binance uses KYC (know your customer) verification. The company are compliant with local authorities worldwide, and in the circumstances of an investigation, they would hand over your transaction history. Not reporting taxes is a crime in most countries and comes with severe penalties such as fines or jail time.