How to File Your Taxes With Cryptiony is a leading exchange with over 50 million customers and 250 cryptocurrencies available to trade. The platform offers a wide range of financial activities, including a visa card, allowing you to spend your crypto.

Follow this guide to learn how to integrate your transactions into our platform.

What is is a centralised exchange which offers trading, staking, a visa card, an NFT platform and more. Users can deposit and withdraw both cash and crypto. This is great for user experience but can be a minefield for calculating taxes.

Luckily, Cryptiony makes this much more manageable.

How do I calculate taxes on transactions?

We would never recommend calculating your cryptocurrency taxes yourself. There are many laws and regulations, which makes it a tedious and complex task. Instead, you should use automated tax software or an accountant. If you use an accountant, you should download a CSV of your crypto transactions and send it to them. The issue with accountants is that they are not usually fully aware of the new rules surrounding crypto tax and are generally expensive too. Instead, we recommend you use the faster, cheaper and more reliable option: Cryptiony, the number one crypto tax software.

How to import transactions to Cryptiony using an API

We suggest you import your transactions to Cryptiony via our integrated API. To get started, you need to generate your API keys.

Generate your API keys

Step 1

Log in to

Step 2

From the dashboard, click the profile icon, then profile.

Step 3

Select API key from the section on the left. Then create a new API.

Step 4

Enter your name and complete the 2FA.

Step 5

Select read-only, then save your API key and API secret for the Cryptiony integration.

Import your transactions

Step 1

Sign up for Cryptiony.

Step 2

From the Cryptiony dashboard, click transactions, then add transactions.

Step 3

Select, then integrate with the exchange API.

Step 4

Input your API keys into Cryptiony and click integrate.

Once your transactions are imported, you can either import transactions from another exchange or head over to the taxes section to generate a report.

How to import transactions to Cryptiony as a CSV file

Although the API method is more straightforward, there are still times you may need to import a CSV.

How to download transactions

Step 1

Log into your account.

Step 2

Click wallet, then spot wallet.

Step 3

Next, select transaction history, then export history.

Step 4

Enter your date range and click export to CSV.

Step 5

Repeat, but click order history instead of transaction history.

How to upload transactions to Cryptiony

Step 1

Log in to Cryptiony.

Step 2

From the dashboard, select transactions, then add transactions.

Step 3

Click integrate the exchange on the top right of the screen.

Step 4

Select, then import the transaction file.

Step 5

Select your Cryptiony transactions CSV files and hit import.

Important things to know about importing transactions

If you use the mobile app, you should import via CSV.

You can only use the API for transactions from the last six months. Anything longer than that will require using the CSV method.

Finally, the maximum date range for the CSV file is six months. You may need to generate multiple files if you require more than six months of transactions.


Does send you taxes? offers API integrations to automated tax software such as Cryptiony . Once you have linked the API to your Cryptiony account, you can generate a tax report through the platform.

Does report to HMRC? reports transactions of US citizens to the IRS if they have more than $20000 in trade volume and 200 trades for a single year. So it is likely they could do something similar with HMRC.

How do you avoid tax on

It is against the law to avoid taxes, but you can use tax reduction techniques such as taking advantage of tax allowances and holding your assets long-term.

How do I report my taxes?

Import your crypto transactions to the Cryptiony platform, generate a report, and submit it to HMRC.