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Frequently Asked Crypto Tax Questions

Do I need to file taxes from cryptocurrencies?

Yes, cryptocurrencies are taxed in most jurisdictions today. Thus you will have to pay taxes on your profits or claim losses. Cryptiony will help you to do it.

Do I have to pay tax on cryptocurrencies in the UK?

Yes, HMRC have confirmed that cryptoassets are taxable in the UK. Your crypto gains will be subject to Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax. The tax treatment depends on the type of activity.

Are crypto to crypto trades taxed in the UK?

Yes, crypto to crypto trades are classed as a taxable event and should be treated for Capital Gains Tax.

How do I avoid taxes on crypto?

It's actually quite difficult to avoid crypto taxes. If your crypto gains fall above the annual exemption amount, you cannot avoid crypto tax in the UK. Every time you transfer funds to an exchange you are leaving a paper trail that tax agencies can catch on to. Non-compliance is fraud and you may be investigated by HMRC.

Do I need to report crypto losses?

Yes, but it doesn't matter if you only made losses on cryptocurrencies, you still have to report it to your tax agency. Moreover, it is in your best interest to report crypto losses as they can be claimed against future Capital Gains.

How can Cryptiony help?

Cryptiony automatically imports all your transactions, finds the fair market value for your assets at the time of each trade, calculates your Capital Gains/Losses and Income Taxes. You can download the tax report needed to file your self assessment or provide it to your accountant.

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