Why does Proof of Reserves matter in 2023?

2022 was a challenging year for the entire crypto industry. Declining crypto prices, the collapse of Luna, and several significant hacks resulted in generally negative sentiment and a lot of FUD[1]. However, arguably the biggest news for the web3 industry

Round announcement

We raised $500k in Pre-Seed Funding Amid Expansion into UK Market We are thrilled to announce that we recently closed our pre-seed round, raising over $500K. The round was led by ff Venture Capital, with other participants including Pointer Capital

How Does the Crypto Market Work?

On the surface, a crypto market works like other financial markets. There are buyers, sellers, and an intermediary platform where the trading occurs. But the crypto market is versatile; there are many ways crypto moves and many moving parts. Today

DeFi – how it works, and where is it heading...

Traditional financial systems have many flaws. Centralized control, lack of transparency, limited access, and a general opacity – all these features seem immanent to modern banking and make us look for valuable alternatives. So-called DeFi (Decentralized Finance), along with various

Airdrop Crypto Taxes in the UK

Crypto enthusiasts love airdrops. They often give the impression of free money and enable web3 users to quickly capitalize on being an early adopter of a particular project. However, are they really “free”? UK’s tax authorities have a rigorous view

Crypto Tax Guide in the UK

Even at the best of times, tax can be complicated. However, crypto tax can hurt your brain if it is not explained well! This article will cover everything you need to know about paying cryptocurrency tax in the UK. Cryptocurrencies